Sunday, May 6

May Goals

Okay, so I had some goals for April and they kind of went to shit. I am making fewer goals this month and I'm sticking to them!

Goals for the month of April:
-  Smoke less
- Come up with awesome photoblog idea.
- Spend less time with my face in my iPhone // most specifically while driving- Do homework on time and efficiently
- Have painted nails at all times, no chippies! Makes for a happy Cortnie.
- Do some sort of activity that makes me feel better and more energized. Maybe an elliptical or treadmill one day, maybe a brisk walk another day, and cleaning another day. Just do something!
- Eat smaller portions, don't stuff my face to the point of feeling sick. I'm bad at this and really need to improve myself in this area.
- Think critically about what is being posted online, whether it's a law about abortion rights or a murder case. Actually think about what I'm seeing on the television or on the computer and critic it. Analyze it.- Have fun, go out, meet new people. Enjoy myself. I don't want my anxiety holding me back anymore.

Okay, so there's that. Here's May.

Goals for the Month of May:

- Smoke less.
- Keep up with no texting while driving.
- Do any&everything to meet deadlines for work and school.
- Be more active. (Start a Beginners Walking Program. At first I thought that the information at the link was too easy for me, but since I am a beginner, I'm going to do what they say. Maybe this way then I won't get burnt out, right? Basically, it calls for walking 3 times a week, starting at 15 minutes the first week increasing by 2-3 minutes a week. The other workout is a little more intense and calls for up to 5 times a week, so once I do the beginners I will continue onto that if I'm not dead.)
- Eat healthier foods. (I'm leaving this one bland because I don't want to limit myself. Even though I turned down Outback tonight!) DON'T EAT DINNER SO LATE
- Love myself, respect myself, know what I deserve in life, and most of all SAY ONE GOOD THING ABOUT MYSELF EVERY DAY. (this is more necessary than I can imagine)

So there it is. That's what I want to do. I want to feel healthier, and I've been feeling sluggish since I've moved in with mom for many reasons, but the main one is eating dinner so late at night. If circumstances arise, I'll eat a salad or cereal or something. I just want to feel better, healthier, and able to leisurely walk on campus without sweating. My clothes are also starting to become uncomfortable, and even though I'm not doing this healthy lifestyle stuff to necessarily lose weight, I imagine that being an outcome if I stick to it. Which is fine. I like my body, but I want to move closer to loving my body all of the time, and in order to do that I need to treat it like the goddess that it is!

I need ya'll to keep me accountable!



  1. You turned down Outback? You are a stronger person than I.

  2. I KNOW. But I had Chipotle instead. :)