Friday, March 30

Fat Fashion // Charcoal & Plum

Today is the perfect spring day, although it's perfectly full of homework since the quarter just started. Mom and I ran around the east side today, had an amazing seafood lunch at Pelican's Reef, went to Goodwill, TJ Maxx, and All Creatures Animal Hospital. :) I have French homework and LGBT Seminar homework to do, fun fun! This weekend should be great. How has everyones' week been?

This outfit was insanely comfortable and surprisingly cool to wear. When we went thrifting the cashier said in a sort of rude way, 'God I can't believe you're wearing a sweater, don't you get hot?' Why do people have to ask me these things? Target people ask me the same thing! It's like, my body temperature isn't your concern, and also.. why are you selling this shit and ASKING me why I'm buying it? Something doesn't add up!

Anyway. The skirt is American Apparel, and to my bigger ladies, I know that sounds scary but I have two of these skirts (I have one in black) and two pencil skirts from there and god they are pretty awesome! I crafted on the black version of this skirt to make it shorter, I'll have to wear it and post about it someday. The tights are from Lane Bryant and are so easy to wear! I'm tired of my leggings from dumb Target. The cowgirl boots are from Shoe Carnival and fit my fat Flinstone feet!! Wooo! Fat lady dream over here!

My anxiety has been under control to the max this week. It's been probably a week since I've stopped taking all of my pills and I feel amazing! Can't wait to start working out!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! What are you planning on doing?

Sunglasses & Belt //  Thirfted
Top // Target
Skirt // American Apparel
Jewelry // Salon Boutique
Tights // Lane Bryant
Shoes // Shoe Carnival


Thursday, March 29

The Lopsided Gay?! SAY WHAT?!

Spring quarter classes started this week and I had my first one yesterday! LGBT Seminar. I have a feeling that I will have lots of blog posts coming from discussion in that class! 

At the beginning of class we watched this absolutely ridiculous video about how gay people are associated with a lopsided body. But this dude explains it in terms of kidneys. And symmetry. Yeaaah. If you click the video to go through to YouTube, you can see the maker of the video, Happeh, reply to comments on the stupid thing. Here are a few of his ideas behind his medical explanations. 
Homosexuality can be caused by the imbalance between the two sides of the body. Or Homosexuality will cause the imbalance to worsen.
Yes it is abstract. What can I do? It is a short minutes long video.
The human body may not rest on a pair of oversized kidneys, but it is a valid theoretical model to use to demonstrate how the human body behaves in this situation."
Just to give you a slightly deeper look at happeh, here is what he says about bisexuality:
"Bisexuality is the intermediate stage between being straight and being homosexual.
A straight person will begin to develop homosexual feelings if they masturbate too much. They deal with these feelings by telling themselves they are bisexual.
Bisexuality only lasts for awhile. The process of the body changing continues until the person becomes fully homosexual.
There are, just like any thing else, exceptions. Not 100% of bisexuals will become 100% gay.

Um.. WHAT?! Excuse me?! So.. does that mean if someone loses a leg or an arm or .. whatever that they are suddenly gay? I'm confused.

But, I saw a weird pattern between this symmetry/lopsided body gay thing. Do you notice anything interesting here?


Okay, CAPS is over. Whatcha think?! Love you all.


Monday, March 26

What is a Real Woman?

With talks of the trans Miss America becoming disqualified because she isn't a 'real' woman.. I've been thinking a lot about what makes a woman a real woman (and how hard it was for me to even type that sentence because of how ridiculous it sounds). Below is a list of qualities that you apparently have to have in order to be a "woman":

  • Be a real woman and pose in your undies for our company. Make women want to buy our product because we use 'real' women to advertise with. What makes you a real woman in the eyes of Dove? Be white, black, or brown. Love hanging out with other women in your undies. Have a genetically 'normal' looking body. Be tall. Have no rolls. Have no visible 'disability' (which is a topic I'll go into in another post. In my eyes, no body is a disability, if you're born that way, you're born that way DAMNIT). Puke.
  • Have curves. Because apparently if you're born on the thinner side then you aren't a woman. 
  • Read the bible and follow its fantastic principles... barf.
  • Read stupid ass Facebook pages like this
  • You work your hardest to be thin, because only women with 'willpower' deserve the title of being woman. You will try any fad diet, any extreme diet pill, and do anything to have that thin body.
  • Real Women Don't Wear a Size 2?

This shit pisses me off. If you don't have curves you're not a woman? 

This movement goes both ways, people. You can't body bash thin women, or women without breasts, or women without big hips.. you can't do this shit and expect people to accept your body. The movement is bigger than this. Yes, bigger women are left out of many advertised images we see every damn day. But women are also very sexualized in our advertising.. why aren't we working together and fighting that.. instead of determining which of our bodies is the real one? 

Fat women are thought to eat all of the time while thin women are thought to starve themselves. Those are the women we see. What about women in wheelchairs? What about women that have had breast cancer and had to have surgery to get rid of it? What about little women? What about women with mental disorders? What about women that just happened to be born genetically male but were mentally female and transitioned? Are all of these women not real women? WE ARE ALL REAL WOMEN. 

COME ON PEOPLE. We have to fight together, not against each other. We need to show that ALL women are real women.. not just women with curves, not just women with long or short hair, not just women who shave or don't shave, not just women who are lesbians or straight or bisexual or asexual, not just women who have children or don't have children, not just one person or another. ALL WOMEN.

So.. are you a fake woman according to the standards that we have to live up to in our society? I am!


Thursday, March 22

Inspiration via Desperation

Just a little update for everyone. I'm alone at work and needed a break from the Women's Center Facebook page. Just sittin' here enjoying life. 
I was having very bad panic attacks this morning, and even though I started back up on my birth control I'm spotting and crampy. I need to just be a completely clean body and quit taking prescriptions. I think that's what I'm going to do. I'm scanning Tumblr and listening to Pandora. Here's what I'm listening to now:

When I'm stressed out I just need to breathe and listen to music and look at inspiring photos. So, here are some things I've found today on Tumblr that I'm loving. 

This is so true!
I love this idea. Pregnant bodies are so .. weird and awesome to me!
I'm going to Florida this year. Maybe twice. I'm gunna need this suit.
Also, she's friggin' hot.
Well, that's powerful isn't it?
I found an amazing fat people artist. In heaven.
Also, just so everyone knows, you can also follow me at Chictopia and Independent Fashion Bloggers (links are both in the rightside bar). I'm one of the fattest on the sites so YEAH. Maybe it'll make some people happy, who knows?

Well, that's all folks. Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday.


Wednesday, March 21

Shopping Overhaul

Hello everyone! I went shopping today, and boy did I go overboard. I wanted to share some of the things that I bought. First, though, I need to say that I'm a tad irritated with Target because some of their XXLs are perfect for me, some of too big and then some are WAY TOO SMALL. I bought this mustard yellow off the shoulder sweater and a peptoish pink one and they are way way too small. Bummer. Anyway, here you all go. Hope you're having a fantastic day!

Yeah, it's batwing. Yeah, I had to have it. Although it's a bit big.
Astrid is a camera hog.
Bought some little organizers for my soontohaveGoodwilldesk. Those little striped boxes are.. wait for it, wait for it... TISSUES! And those other circle dodads are FLOWERS! Cannot wait to plant them!
There's a tank top, one of my trays, and some of my new makeup!
New flats, wore them today with the batwing top in the first picture!
How. Cute. Are. These?! 
Pink suede. Had to have them, duh.

So yeah, clearly I went a little shoe crazy but that's fine because I needed flats! 
After Target I came home and relaxed for a bit then tried out my new Pixi makeup which, um.. I LOVE. I better, though, it was damn expensive! 
After that I went to Starbucks with my bestest friend Laura. I hope you like the notebook, pretty!
Now tonight I get to have a nice quiet evening with my mama. Spring break is going way way way too fast. I still haven't finished ONE book, how am I supposed to finish the THREE that I want to read? Thank god my next quarter is easy as hell!


Tuesday, March 20

Re-Designing Ideas

Hey everyone! So, I've decided that this spring break is a time for me to redo my room. I want it to be a comfortable place to be and I want it NOW. Whiney. I don't care. So, if any of you follow my pins on PINTEREST (linked up there) then you'd see that I've been pinning designs for my room. Here are a few things that are inspiring me at the moment.

drawers as shelves? count me in!
all sources at my pinterest boards

So there it is. I really like the idea of turning mason jars into picture frames or candle/pencil holders. And that last book idea would be so cute at a desk. I want to buy paint for my bedroom walls, a mustard color. I just want to do something different. I'm bored. I'm loving the girly look lately, for some reason I'm inspired to be more girly. :) 

What's everyone think? What kinds of things do you want to do now that spring is here? 


Spring is HERE!

My nose is stuffy and running at the same time, my head might explode and I'm itchy. Oh goodness, spring is in full force isn't she?

Today was gorgeous. I worked for a little bit and drove home. It was one of those drives where you realize that you are lucky to be alive. You know? Just driving with the windows down, blaring The Black Keys, smoking, and sightseeing while you're stopped at lights.

Here are some pictures for everyone today. I'm feeling very inspired lately.

(wanna see more of my instagram pictures? Click here! or follow me @ _cortnie)

Also, here are some tattoo ideas I'm diggin'! Cannot wait!

Does anyone have any goals for springtime this year? I want to redesign my room by painting it and getting a new desk/workspace!


Monday, March 19

John McCain said huh?

I had such a fabulous day today. When I got home I checked out one of my favorite websites, Jezebel, and they had an article about damn John McCain! He's saying that what the republican candidates are doing right now with fighting to revoke women's reproductive rights is a bad move. Well, um. No shit!

We are going through tough times in our country, my friends. In case you haven't noticed or anything. So many of us can't afford to live. I just had to move in with my mom for christ's sake because I couldn't afford to live alone anymore. I'm going to graduate in June and who knows if I'll find a job? Who knows? There are people overseas fighting in wars that aren't relevant anymore, or well, never really were. Soldiers are fighting for us, are going insane and killing innocent civilians because of the stresses of war and losing legs and feet and dealing with PTSD and shit.

But what are these presidential candidate hopefuls fighting over? WOMEN. UTERUSES. ABORTION. BIRTH CONTROL. WHAT THE HELL!?

Stop it. STOP. Just get over it. Instead maybe you should worry about the men and women that are serving our country in a war that many of them don't even support. Worry about all of the students who can't afford school anymore. Worry about the homeless people in our country. Worry about the children being abused. Worry about the adults being abused. Worry about the loving couples who can't get married because you call them sinners. Worry about people and CARE about them. Don't try and take their rights away. There will just end up being MORE people in the world that you won't care about, maybe that's what you want, huh?

Anyway. That's all.

Here's a kitty picture to make you feel better.


Sunday, March 18


CORTing[Feminism] is NOT gone! Promise! I'm making some changes. I was kind of annoyed with my blog title and wasn't feeling inspired. I also want to start writing about things other than issues that are, well, pissing me off. I want to craft. I want to cook. I want this blog to be about ME. Not just one aspect of me. I'm sorry if that bothers anyone. Please don't stop reading!

So, it's spring break, ya'll! I'm going to craft and cook this week, so check out my boards on Pinterest (link above!) and tell me what things you'd like to see!

I'm also planning on finishing two books that I've been reading for a few months now, Fat!So? and Fighting the Crusade Against Sex! I'll be sure to let all of you know what I think about them!

I'm trying something new for my anxiety. Brace yourselves... I'm cutting off some of my caffeine intake. This is happening via coffee. If I go to Starbucks I'll get a soy chai.. and I have decaf K-Cups. We'll see what happens! Anyone have any anxiety curing remedies?

I love all of you, and hope you're enjoying the changes going on here! Follow me on my personal Twitter, where I'll be tweeting from now on. Like the new Facebook page, too!

I hope everyone is enjoying the layout. Here are some pictures for your amusement!

From high school, probably 7 years ago.

Love you all! Anything you'd like to see here?


Friday, March 16

Happiness :)

I just wanted to do a post to thank everyone for reading and following me in my blogging venture. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, whether you're going out to bars or sitting on the couch watching Friends (cough, cough). I'm in a really great mood today--which doesn't happen too often, not rarely enough to jump around or skip or something but rarely enough that I'm excited.

My quarter is officially over! Thank god! I've been thinking about what I'm going to do after I graduate and honestly, I'm not freaking out as much as I'd expected.

I have some things that I'd like to share with my lovely followers.
First of all, I found my soulmate. I found this blogger, Emily from, oh my god, she's amazing.

I'm going to be getting a new layout soon, thanks to Kaelah! Visit her blog, she's adorable!

I'm obsessing over iPhone cases and made a wishlist.. ya know, in case anyone wanted to buy me some presents or something.

Also, please go to my Pinterest! I need to know what foods I should make and what craftsies I should.. craft. Give me ideas!

I'm feeling pretty confident today. I'm loving my belly, I'm loving my body. I want more clothes. Maybe I'll go shopping again. Oops.

Can I just go home and do this with my cats? Or lay on my side in bed straddling my body pillow and fall asleep? Can I do that? No. Instead I have to work (which I don't really mind, sleep just sounds better), get a damn add slip signed for online French next quarter, and I have a night planned with my mom and brother to look forward to. I never see him, so it'll be nice. And I get to see his new apartment and play with his kitten. That always makes for a happy Cortnie, ya know.


Wednesday, March 14

Fat Fashion // Stripes & Floral

Today was a fabulous day. 
I woke up early for the third time this week, go me! I normally sleep way too much, but I've been motivated to get up and today my motivation was to work on my paper for Feminist Theory (which ps, is going very well!). Maybe not taking my Prozac is paying off? After tomorrow morning at 10:30 I will be FINISHED with Winter Quarter! HALLELUJAH! Worst quarter of my school career is OVAH! Finito, buh bye! I'm so excited. In case I haven't complained about it enough, I had three out of the four core classes for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies all in ONE DAMN QUARTER. GUH. 
Mom worked super early this morning so I had the apartment to myself.. and well, the cats. I got ready before she came home because we had to go pick up my car (the window is getting fixed, and it'll be finished tomorrow!) and then we were going to dinner. We decided on the Olive Garden, classy.. I know. It was so yummy. Mom had a glass of wine and I so glady split the bill with her. 

cinemagram is the best app ever

It feels good to have money, ya know? I paid for lunch and dinner a few times this week, I feel like I'm paying my dues! Whoever says that money doesn't buy happiness is crazy. Us poor folk are missin' out on all of the fun stuff that costs money. We were also going to go to Kenwood today, so that I could go to Sephora and MAC, but it didn't end up happening. I'll probably just order stuff online. So anyway, I worked on my paper for a few hours and then decided to get ready for my day. Since it's been so nice, I felt like one of my new springy dresses would be peeeerfect!

What do you love most about warmer weather? What's your favorite springy outfit?

How was everyones' day?
Dress // Target - XXL
Cardigan // Target - XXL
Belt // Target - XXL
Boots // DSW
Necklace // Handmade w/ Cross and Cameo
Lipstick // MAC Russian Red & Burts Bee's
Mascara // Maybelline's Illegal Length

xoxo cortnie