Wednesday, June 27

Florida Vacay: Cleaner Eating Venture

So, as you all should know, I just got back from Florida! Debby kind of put a damper on the ass end of our trip, which kinda sucked, but whatevs.

I realized a few things about my body while I was there, I'm not sure if it's because my body was out there in that bikini or not. Who knows? Anyway. I ate cleaner for the majority of the time we were there, unless we went out to eat because that's SUPER hard to do. I didn't drink soda. I tried my best and you know what I found out? I found out that Diet Coke is insanely sugary! I went a few days without it and then I had it one day while we were out and it actually gave me a little bit of a headache. I also was eating more fresh fruit and veggies, even though I am kind of a salad hog anyway. I watched my sodium a lot, and my body just felt better from it all. Then, one day mom and I went out to eat and I had a fried grouper sandwich and french fries. After we ate, mom and I were walking to the car and I suddenly had a panic attack. I hadn't had one in days, so I was surprised, and nothing major was happening.. even though that isn't really the only cause of one. This made me realize that what I eat can be triggering my panic attacks. Maybe too many carbs, sugars, or processed foods? This makes me want to really treat my body right, and then it'll love me back, right? So that is a new goal of mine, and if you're all interested I could post about it. Let me know if you'd like to hear about my new venture/challenge/lifestyle. Mom and I are going shopping Friday! 

On our last Saturday in Florida, mom and I ventured to the island (Anna Maria Island) once again, and got to visit the motel room that my Aunt and Uncle had let us use for the night. The bed was way too small for mom and I, so we didn't stay all night, but we visited! When I say this motel was right on the beach, you all probably think I mean like a hop and a skip away. But when I say this motel was right on the beach.. I mean it was right on the god damn beach! Here are my feetsies!

 And here's a kitty cat friend that I made on the island. He was insanely bred and had awkward colored hair, and the length of his hair was weird, but he was so sweet. He even ran into our room with us! I didn't mind of course, but mom ran him out. Then he was scratchin' at the porch window.. I felt so bad for the baby.

Storm crap. I wish I could dance like a palm tree.

And here's another picture of me in my bikini. Cellulite chunky legs and all.

If you're interested in my journey of clean eating, comment on this post and let me know! I'd love to have a new addition to my posts! Clean eating and nutrition has a lot to do with body love, and many of you lovelies are here for my body love posts, so I figure it all matches.

xo, cortnie


  1. I definitely agree with you about clean eating.

    I suffer from hardcore anxiety as well, and even with medication and counseling I find that i have to watch my diet.

    For me, it's all about sugars/carbs. If I glut out and eat a whole bunch, even if I just mean a big ole bowl of cereal in the morning, it makes my mind feel crazy shortly after.

    So since (obviously) carbs and sugars are important to my body too, I try to make sure that whenever I'm having a significant portion of them that I ALSO have a big helping of veggies or protein. I would include fruit too, but again... I'm a sugar addict. So adding blueberries to my sugar cereal mostly just adds more sugar.

    Anyway, if you end up finding out some good tips or recipes for people who AREN'T trying to starve themselves but do want to be careful about what they put in their mouths... I totally want to hear about it!

    1. It's nice to hear that someone else feels this, too! I never really thought about it before, I mean, I know that what goes into your body affects you, but it never came to my mind that my anxiety could be affected by what I'm eating. I always just assumed that I was stuck being crazy! ;)

      I will for sure post recipes or something once I figure some stuff out! Mom mentioned wanting chinese for dinner tomorrow night, maybe that can be my first venture of clean eating!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I would definitely be interested in reading your clean eating adventures. :) I recently started doing Paleo, which is pretty clean eating - very meaty though, though I'm trying to get more veggies into my diet. It's basically a no carb, no sugar, good fats diet. It can be difficult, but I'm getting used to it! I'm not trying to diet to lose weight, I'm trying to change my lifestyle to get healthy, and it sounds like you're of the same mindset? Being healthy. Good goals! So I would be interested in your posts. :)

    Love the rest of your posts as well. I'm trying to figure out how to subscribe to your blog to show up on my dashboard here, but I'm supah confused, so I hope to follow you on here once I figure it out! :) I follow you on Tumblr already.

    1. Awesome, Kim! Thanks for responding so quickly! I looked into the subscribing stuff on here, and I added a gadget to the left side bar at the bottom. It looks like you already figured out how to follow me without that though, how did you do that?! Blogger used to have the link to follow people in the top navigation bar and I don't know when it changed, but they took it off. Sadly. And yay! One of my Tumblr followers! Do you happen to like my Facebook page? There's a link up top and to the left. Check it out, girl! Let me know how your new eating adventure goes, I'd love to hear about it!


  3. I've been an on-again off-again clean eater for the last couple years. I'm trying to get on again. Did you know there is a magazine and cookbook called clean eating? I got it for a while but it's way to meat heavy.

    By the way, I'm a good cook and have lots of clean and healthy recipes I'd love to share!

  4. Hey Cortnie there's an awesome documentary on netflix called Forks Over Knives that explains alot about health & wellness as it relates to what we eat. I highly recommend it. It's really changed the way I think about food. You made an interesting connection between anxiety and the food you eat. I also have alot of anxiety so I need to think about this connection some more. I'm really glad you wrote about this. Looking forward to your future posts about clean eating.