Thursday, June 7

I Posted a Picture of Myself in a Bikini and the World Went NUTS!


So, today was fucking crazy. For a few reasons, but I'm only talking about one in this post. I posted a picture of my new bikini on the That Cortnie Girl Facebook page today, and shit went craycray! I have to be honest and say that I never expected this amount of feedback from one picture. I can go days, posting blogs, posting pictures, posting statuses on my blog's Facebook page, and I get nothin'. NOTHIN'. So I was not expecting this. AT ALL.

Out of the now 69 comments--teehee, only one, ONE person hated it. But, this person hated my picture so much that she felt the need to continually bully me.. post after post, comment after comment, hateful word after hateful word. I was blamed for killing children in pools, clearing restaurants of it's customers because I eat all of the food, I was told to get gastric bypass, and I was blamed for world hunger. Am I THAT powerful? With all of the power that I apparently have, I wish I could spread the idea of body love to more people. Well, hold on. Wait. I think I did!

So many people were impacted by this picture today. Dozens upon dozens of people were commenting, I was getting notifications on my iPhone every minute. These people were ripping this lonely hateful woman apart, which could be counterproductive, but they were defending me. They were defending my right to be able to be fat and wear a bikini. They were realizing the body love that I was trying to spread, and they were spreading it themselves. Whether these people want to or would prefer to not call themselves fat activists, body positive activists, or whatever.. they were doing it. They were spreading self love. 

So I had two options. I could listen to this woman, what she was saying, and feel like crap about myself. Or.. I could rise above it. I realize that people bully other people because of their own insecurities; it's obviously nothing that I did. I am not going to repeat anything she said because it's very fat shaming and very hurtful.. if you'd like to know you can click the link at the beginning of this post. But, it just shows how much she hates herself. And, I got more people to read my blog, spread body love, and I had so many people telling me how beautiful I am, which is never a bad thing! 

There clearly is more to be said about this, but I'm sleepy and I have a paper to write. Please know this though.. I love you all with all of what my heart has to offer. Keep loving your bodies, and keep ignoring what the haters are saying. I haven't been swimming in nearly 10 years. I haven't worn a bikini for longer than that. I am finally loving my body, and even I have my days of body hate, but we have to.. for ourselves.. LOVE OUR BODIES. It's who we are. 

Until next time, everyone. 



  1. You ROCK that bikini, Cortnie!!!! You are truly an inspiration to people everywhere. I am sorry that the world is still scattered with people like Andrea. She has no clue how ignorant and how much she is revealing about herself when she talks like that.

    I also have to send my praise to your Mom. I love that she is advocating, protecting and loving you with all that she's got. Yeah Mom!!!!!

    I can't wait to see pictures of you marching around the beach, rockin' that bikini! You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i know im a little behind, but i was creeping around your blog( but i have ridiculous amounts of respect for you after meeting you one time like 4 years ago) and saw this and read the comments and it seriously made my skin crawl what that ignorant girl had to say. i was mortified. i would be horrified if that was said to me. You are much stronger and braver than i and i look up to you for that.keep doin what you love girl. You make me feel pretty :> <3

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I can give you that strength, Leah!