Friday, February 3

Who's to say what's Fat?

Today is just going to be a big ol' word vomit, so be prepared.

I've been trying to come up with a Fat topic all day long. For some reason, I'm having issues.

Who's to say what's Fat? Who's to say who is healthy or unhealthy? Why do we constantly have to critique people?

Where does the position of Fat start and the position of Thin begin? Do I need to lose 145 pounds to be considered thin or do I need to lose 146 pounds? Does that one pound make a difference? To some people--people with eating disorders or body image disorder, it does.

What does this do to us? Us as individuals and us as a society? It makes us look at each other, it makes us obsess, it makes us look at ourselves and go on and on and on.

I found myself talking to friends today about what to blog.. and I was saying, who say's what Fat is? And I was saying: to someone who is 600 pounds I may be thin, but to someone who is 100 pounds, I may be fat. BUT that's wrong of me to say. Maybe the 600 pound person still sees me as fat, or maybe they see themselves as not fat. Maybe the 100 pound person is trying hard as hell to gain weight, but has a super high metabolism and can't and they yearn for my body? Or maybe they have issues with eating disorders and consider themselves to be fat and aim to be smaller. It's a whole huge ordeal. And by saying what I was describing, I was immediately putting a label on the 600 pounder to be fat and the 100 pounder to be thin.

It's interesting.

What do you all think?



  1. I think you summed it up pretty well! I've been spending a lot of time recently on thinking about the way we see our bodies (and other people's bodies). The deeper I get into it the harder it has been for me to understand because- like you said the way everyone looks at others (& themselves) can vary so greatly. I think no matter your body size, you should be proud of it and not hate on other girls who are either smaller or bigger than you. Many skinny girls I know are just born that way... and a lot of bigger girls I know are happy with their size and don't want to lose weight to fit society's standards. I think all of this is great! I wish more emphasis was placed on how healthy a person is rather than what size they are. I know lots of thin girls with great metabolisms who eat shitty food all the time and probably have terrible hearts (health-wise, not like they're mean ha!) and some vegetarian, exercising plus sized girls who although are bigger, are probably healthier.

    1. Even our language is tainted though, specifically when you said you know many skinny girls who were born that way but you also know many big girls that love their bodies. Why can't the big girls be born that way, as well? And yes, recognizing that health is not in the eye of the beholder is a very important thing to do. Thanks for the response!

  2. So, my comment is going to be off-topic because I like having this fat space to talk about things. I want to get a tattoo on my arm, but it's fat. It's jiggly. I'm having some serious self-esteem issues about it. I just keep thinking, this is my lovely body and if I want to decorate it in a fat place, then I will! It'll look beautiful! But, I'm also afraid people will look at me. I'll let you know how this turns out.

    1. Get it! I want a pin up girl! Lets go get our jiggly arms tattooed together!