Thursday, February 16

Things-I-Love Thursday // LETS CHANGE THE WORLD & Rachel Maddow

Okay, for some reason... today sucks but it's also SUPER AWESOME. Wanna know why? I woke up to an amazing Facebook notification! My coworker and friend, Amanda (who took my 'Why do I do this?' Angry Vagina Picture seen here) tagged me in an ultra super awesome post!
Sometimes I feel like it would just be easier to live in a happy state where women's rights weren't being taken away and equality is granted... I could remain oblivious to all the hate & discrimination by law makers. But alas, advocacy and education are needed here. We must keep fighting the good fight.

THANK YOU AMANDA! I feel like we can actually make some change in this screwed up world, ya know? YOU RULE.

I feel like we could do something here. How long have we been working for it, though? How long do we have to fight to just be as equal as other people? This isn't about race. This isn't about gender. This isn't about ethnicity. This isn't about sex. This isn't about sexuality. This isn't about religion. This is about being human beings and caring for each other. Sometimes it seems like we get so far ahead and then take 23892038 steps back. Errr. It's so close.. so close.. but so far away.

 Anywho, what did I find today? HEY GIRL, IT'S RACHEL MADDOW!

Here are some for your viewing pleasure, but you should so totally go to the Tumblr!

Apparently, heaven isn't too far away.

This week has been a tough one, I think I'm having a mental hangover from last week. Bluh. Ugh. Ahh. How's everyones' week been? How do you feel about the government attacking it's people? It's nice right? I'm tired of this shit, and some of this shit. SO OVER IT. 

I need a drink.


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