Wednesday, April 11

Jesse Fox: Artist Spotlight

So, I have this lady friend, Jesse Fox, who is AWESOME.

She's a photographer, she has dreads, she has lots o' tattoos, and she's just damn awesome. Her senior show is happening soon, so I wanted to post about her pretty face! She does a lot of work with body image. I was actually supposed to do a shoot with her of me in my undies jumping on a trampoline, but stupid school got in the way! I hope we can still do it though, so I'm going to bug you, Jesse!

I thought this might be relevant to my readers because guess what Jesse's show is centered around?


A few years ago, Jesse came to my apartment to take pictures of a friend and just so happened to get a lovely picture of my baby Astrid.

Then this one time, Jay had the picture hanging up at work and someone put a mustache on it.

Here are a few of Jesse's lovely words about her show:

It's a powerful word for being comprised of only three letters. Sex is a noun. A verb. With the addition of a few other letters it determines the attractiveness of a person. It has the power to divide our country over political issues. It's considered a gift from God. It is used to sell products. It gives (or forces upon) us an identity. It is used from the beginning of our lives to suggest the toys we should play with, the hobbies we should have and the clothes we should wear.
For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with other people and the way they live and experience life. As a child, I was interested in (and sometimes jealous) the ways my friends were disciplined and the way their family functioned in contrast to the experiences with my family. As I grew older, I began being interested in other cultures, religions and subcultures. Even if it was a lifestyle that I couldn't personally understand or relate to, I was still interested in the people who lived it. This fascination lead me to begin thinking about human sexuality and how vast and intriguing this subject it is. And while I have always been an open-minded individual who tries to be knowledgeable on just about everything, there was so much more to sex than I had previously understood.
Beginning my research on human sexuality was like diving into the subject of the creation of the universe. It is an enormously broad subject and there are a multitude of theories. I read books varying in subject from how pornography is destroying masculinity to monogamy being an outdated practice that shouldn’t always be followed. I spoke with individuals who were transgendered, still virgins (by choice), living a BDSM lifestyle and women who were proud porn stars.
In the end, although I had learned so much from the books I read and people I talked to, I realized essentially what I had already believed in the beginning: there is not one way to experience sex, sexuality and gender. 

Why don't you check out her work at her website, her Facebook Page and visit her event page if you're from the Cincinnati area! I'm going to do whatever I can to make it to the show! While you're at it, go visit her blog, Veganographer!

Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week!


here is some of Jesse's work! Definitely go to her website and see the rest! There are naked ladies! GO!

---all pictures courtesy of jesse, except for that one of astrid and her mustache!

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