Friday, January 6

Fat Clothing Options!

Sorry that my post is so late, everyone. Classes started last week and I'm all over the place with Feminist Critical Readings, Feminist Theory, Feminist Methods AND French 102. Because of that, I needed to go out this past weekend. My goal is to NOT BE LATE WITH POSTS EVER EVER AGAIN. Love you, love you wanna eat you up.

With all of the amazing feedback I received from my first Fat Friday, I can say with complete honesty that 1) I was in heaven and 2) I'm fucking terrified that my other Fat Friday posts aren't going to be up to par. For this Fat Friday, I wanted to dedicate my words to Fat Fashion.

Trust me, people, I know how difficult it is to find clothes for a fat body. I have an unusual
(or just not very common in clothing stores)
big girl body type where I have a VERY curvy body: a small upper body and a WABAM lower body. So, the majority of say, tees at Torrid are all super boxy looking on me, and I'd rather have clothes that hug my curves, right? 

I usually find clothes at American Apparel (despite their plus-size controversy, their clothes fit me so well), Target (despite their gay-hating history, their leggings are awesome) along with other random places like thrift stores, sometimes Torrid, Lane Bryant's Cacique collection for my skivvies and I've gawked at ASOS, even though I've never ordered anything from the site before. ALSO before you walk into H&M and immediately turn out, I've gotten amazing things from there before, including this hotashell dress that I posted last Fat Friday, so don't go into a panic and run out, it's all about the fabric.. not the number on the tag:

The fashion industry has hated us plussies for awhile now, but they are getting better.. I'm guessing because I'm not sure it could get much worse. While researching this morning, I found a model's story, (much like Crystal Renn's battle with eating disorders, [have you read her book?]) Heather Hazzan went from tiny to plus modeling. Here's some proof that the modeling world is improving, even if it's just a tad.


Tumblr is FULL of fat fashion blogs, yay! I've been following some for awhile now, and really.. if you're feeling uninspired, you should definitely go to some of them! You can see people that look like you in clothes that you like, you can see where to find clothes and you can even talk about how some clothes fit and some clothes just don't! Awesome, right??

Here are some of my favorites!

This is from Fat Girl Fashion, which is a blog that is run by two lovely ladies. Check it out!

There is another Tumblr that my eye has been on for a LONG TIME and that's the Curves Appreciation Society, where bodies of all kinds are posted.. and even from this Tumblr alone you can find lots of Fat Fashion blogs.

There's also FuckYeahChubbyFashion, which is another collection of random peoples' outfits!  Look at that DRESS ON THE LEFT OH MY GOD GUH.

Who needs this dress? I NEED THIS DRESS! Thanks, Hayley, you rock!

So, before you get discouraged when you're shopping or just getting dressed in the morning, take a look at the blogs I've shared.

You're beautiful, okay? So eat, love yourself and share my blogs!


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