Monday, January 30

Reproductive Rights

Look what I found on Tumblr this morning, ya'll! Oooof. I would say that there are no words, but you all know that I have plenty of words for this!

First of all, yes to the top half of the poster/flyer/whatever this is.

Second, um.. WHAT. Is this organization referring to my uterus as a plantation and are they referring to delivered babies as slaves?! I don't understand. Right in time for Black History Month, too, huh?

There are lots of other posters on the website, and I'll show just a few.

I really, really don't mean to sound heartless here. But, come on. Come on. The website actually says that this fetus picture is of a miscarriage, not an abortion, so they're screwing with peoples' perceptions. And.. yeah, you are a clump of cells. 

Many of the posters boast on and on about adoption, crossing off the 'b' and the 'r' in the word 'abortion'. I'd like to know how many of these people are actually adopting children. These fetuses could be carried to term and be born and not have a form of stability. They could not be taken care of because of lack of money, resources or even care. And being born and put into the foster system is going to help that? Not necessarily.

No words. 

What about the woman who constantly gets raped by her husband, weekly or daily, and gets pregnant? Do you want her to raise a child in that environment? What about the 13 year old that got raped and ended up catching STDs along with a pregnancy? What about people OTHER than yourselves, AHA? What about me? What about my friends? In a country that doesn't care for the poor, doesn't care about peoples' healthcare needs and seemingly doesn't care about sexism, racism and homophobia... you sure are fighting the good fight.

Is this a rip off of that one video that went viral a few weeks ago?

I love kids. I would love to be pregnant one day, either to have my own child or to be a surrogate. I would love to know what it's like to be pregnant. I would love to know what it's like to raise a child. But when I'm 23? No, thank you. Some people aren't ready. And the 'you know what you were risking by having sex, it's your problem and responsibility' argument? Yes, it's my responsibility, which is why I have the resources that I do. Also, you know what you're risking whenever you get into a car and drive to work, are we going to start blaming people for driving and getting into car accidents because they 'knew what they were getting into and they need to take responsibility for what happens to them'? Hm?

Just think about it. 


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