Monday, March 12

Fat Fashion // Easter Egg Lady

Hi everyone! Today is my FIRST Fat Fashion post! It's super gloomy outside, which is a huge bummer. I was going to wear one of my new dresses today but I decided against that because it's all windy and rainy. :( I also woke up this morning with terrible cramps and my chest is the most tender thing right now. I was bad and refilled my birth control yesterday, which I will post about soon. Boycott is over. But I have reasoning behind this decision, like I said, I'll explain this week, promise! So, what happens when the weather is crappy? Cortnie pulls out her OTHER new clothes and does one of her favorite little looks, RELAXED! 

I went to Target on Friday (if you happen to remember my suuuper depressing post on Friday) like I said and I bought stuff! Yippee! It's kind of funny, because everything I'm wearing today (besides my shoes and scarf) is from Target. The scarf is from Kroger (I think?) and I got it for like, a whopping whole dollar. The shoes are from DSW!

So, here are some pictures that my lovely mother took for me before I left for work. Work today should be relaxing; it's very quiet on campus because everyone's either writing a paper or studying for their finals. This is one of my last final weeks of my undergrad! Ahhh! That's a little.. um.. terrifying? On to the pictures!

Surrounded by cat toys. This is my life.
With these Fat Fashion posts, I want to inspire all of you gorgeous people to go out of your element. Target clothing used to be a bit out of my element. I was afraid none of it would fit and I HATE trying on clothes. But when I got down to it, I realized that, OH MY GOD, Target has XXLs! I do fit into the XLs, but the XXLs are more comfortable and I'm all about comfort! The top is a color that I never wear, but I want to get out of my element! So coral it is! It's actually an off the shoulder top, but it's a little cold outside so BAM I added the Boyfriend Cardigan (why is it named that again?) on top of it!

Oh, hey Frankie.
I want you fat people to not be afraid of colors! I used to always think, um is this too much? HELL NO IT ISN'T! Get it! I feel like an Easter egg today and I LOVE IT! Be bright, be bold! Make a statement! Yeah?

And a silly outtake for all my lovelies. 
So the point behind this post? Don't be afraid to try on clothes that might be labeled medium or large. They usually stretch! Be loud, don't be scared to flaunt your stuff! And most importantly, be silly! Love yourself and represent! BAM!


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