Monday, March 5

Dear Men, You Can Be Feminists!

Dear Men,

Did you know that you can be feminists, too?! Oh my god, what a crazy thought, right?! WRONG.

Feminism used to be only for women, this is true. Women fought for equality (and well, we still are). Now, it's about equality for everyone, not just for women, but for any group of people who have been discriminated against.. which includes--you've guessed it, MEN!

Another reason men can (and should) be feminists? There are very few men in our world who have never had an interaction with a woman. There are few men who have no women in their lives. If women are half of the population, then women have to be involved in your lives. Whether it's through mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters.. you have women in your lives! Don't you want what's best for them? Don't you want the women that you care about to have equal opportunities? Don't you want your daughter or wife or sister to not get sexually harassed at bus stops or on the sidewalk? If YOU succeed at something, say becoming a big CEO or a big star, don't you want to know that it's not from male privilege?

Feminism is an all inclusive idea. I don't want to generalize too much, but feminists of 2012 believe that recognizing privileges makes us better people. They believe that women as well as men as well as gender-queer individuals as well as everyone should have equality. There are many -isms in our lives that are recognized on the daily: class-ism is a big one with the Occupy Movement; we have sex-ism--which is big right now with Rush Limbaugh's stupidass comments; we have able-ism with body-shaming, and fat-shaming; we have racism--you heard about the Alaskan trying to get Obama off of the ballot, right?; we have age-ism, how many actors are erased because of their age and are encouraged to look younger by getting surgery?; we have homophobia, gays are still second class citizens and we are constantly fighting for our rights; we have so many!

Feminism is just the word. Lets break this apart here. Are you really going to say, well I believe in equality but I don't like the word feminist? Really? Come on. Our world evolves and so does our language. And so has feminism. We all need to work together to achieve equality. If you don't believe in equality for everyone, then who are you? Not to judge, but that's absolutely ridiculous.

No one is free while others are oppressed. 


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