Sunday, March 4

Saturday Night STUPID

Yeah, I know the title is a little silly but Saturday Night Live last night PISSED ME OFF.
In case some of you pretty readers weren't aware, I'm in LOVE with Lindsay Lohan. She was hosting, so obviously I had to watch it. I was disappointed to say the least.

A lot of things irritated me last night. I'm going to pull a Seth & Amy and REALLY SNL?! 'til the cows come home.

First of all, Lindsay's monologue.. really? Oh yeah, it's so funny that Lindsay is a recovering addict! While she's doing her monologue she was continually interupted with pat downs and eye checks. It's great that Lindsay can laugh about it, but she obviously didn't actually write these lines, a writer for SNL did. A writer who probably has never had a drug problem. This is giving the impression that recovering addicts can't do things for themselves and that they can't actually accomplish shit.

Next, we have the infamous spoof commercial piece that SNL loves. Disney Housewives. Okay, that's funny. It's great that SNL wanted to make it look like these Princesses aren't perfect, blah, blah. BUT WHAT THE HELL with the dwarf comment?! REALLY?! Why. Why. Why. Didn't watch it? Here's a clip.

Cinderella says she wants to raise money for dwarfs because they aren't real people. Snow White gets pissed. Not because of Cinderella's comment, but because dwarfs are HER THING. We realize that Cinderella is a damn drunk and doesn't know what she's saying, but STILL. How is it okay to say this shit? I have a very good friend who is a little person and she definitely IS a person, so screw you SNL. Also, they portray Jasmine as being poor and what is the difference between Jasmine and all of the other Princesses? She's the only Princess of color and they show her crying in the bathroom because she and Aladdin ran out of money.. and we're supposed to LAUGH at that. Hilarious. So funny.

The skit that pissed me off the most was the skit with Lindsay and Keenan in the jail. They do this skit all of the time, always making gay sex jokes and it incidentally is titled 'Scared Straight'. Because if you go to jail/prison you're automatically gay and have ass sex and you have to scare them out of prison or in other words, scare them straight.

What do they say to scare them? Oh, gay sex jokes, taking about ass sex.. discharge.. big dicks, hurt, pain. Because gays have disgusting sex. Ew, gross. You put WHAT WHERE?! You put THAT THERE!? They scare them with RAPE. RAPE. They even say the word RAPE at least twice. I had to zone out after awhile because I honestly could NOT believe that they were saying this shit!

Then we have the Delinquent Girl Teen Gang. Long story short, these bad girls like to dance in the street. They get into trouble for it, but they keep dancing anyway. It's all girls, one of them is a man in drag. They dance and they dance and one keeps getting hit by cars. She is perceived as being an idiot because she keeps going in the street and getting hit by cars. Which one is this, do you think?

Would it be one of the women actors or is it the one in drag? It, of course, is the one in drag. This is giving viewers the idea that people dressing in drag (which is all of us, by the way) or trans people are idiots and should get hit by cars. I don't care if some of you think I'm going to far with this assumption, it really bothered me.

And that's when I stopped watching. God damnit, what is wrong with our television?! This episode of SNL really fed into white privilege, straight privilege and cisgendered privilege. How is it okay that this stupidity is spewed all over a SUPER popular show? How can they have the news piece making fun of Republicans and Rush Limbaugh, and then have this closed-minded assholery mixed in before and after that segment? I don't understand. Did it piss anyone else off?



  1. Let me just say, I love me some Lindsay too, however I think you're getting offended for some of the wrong reasons. As opposed to being an exploitation of addiction, I think that the angle of Lindsay's monologue was probably something she wanted to do because it seems to me that celebrities have more success in the long-term if they can laugh at themselves for some of the trouble that they've gotten into or something they've become notorious for. For example, when the Olsen twins were on SNL they did a skit where they played paparazzi yelling at themselves on the red carpet telling Mary-Kate to "eat a sandwich" and other such things. While eating disorders are obviously no laughing matter, Mary-Kate had moved on and was willing to laugh at herself and the way that the media had targeted her during that time. Sometimes it's not just about being able to laugh at oneself but to laugh at the way other people perceived you too because whether or not their perceptions were accurate, at the end of the day it's good to put out the message that, "Hey, you [media/press] didn't support me while I was going through a dark time [addiction/disorder/etc] but targeted me and now I've come full circle and am reappropriating your labels of me as a new form of entertainment for all the people watching this show right now."

    Also, as far as the dwarf comment goes it is definitely NOT okay to say that type of shit. But that's the point. The fact that that comment was said is not a reflection of SNL writers, but on the people in the actual 'housewives' shows and women like that in general that think that they are the only people in the world that matter and consequently say ignorant shit all the time. I believe there was an episode in which that horribly annoying woman who was a countess or something basically acted like her friend's driver was sub-human and got offended when she wasn't addressed as the countess. These women are whack-jobs, thus the satirical writing making fun of them...

    Oh yeah, and I'd direct your Jasmine complaints to Disney not SNL because she's crying about being poor because in the movie she decides to marry the street rat, not because she's a woman of color...but there are too many fucked up and racist things going on with Disney to even get into that right now, and I'm sure you know of the endless atrocities of which I speak that slowly indoctrinate children and perpetuate racism, gender roles, etc.

    All in all, I love how critical your being I just think your getting mad at the wrong people because it's the sources for their satire that are the actual problem [in my opinion], not SNL exposing it through comedy. But write on my dear, I dig it!

    1. I still think that instead of feeding into these things and making jokes out of them, SNL could just.. I don't know.. not do that? And yes, Disney is super racist and stupid but the Jasmine thing still irks me. Why couldn't Rapunzel be poor in their skit? The fact that SNL is exposing it through comedy is what's bothering me, because it isn't funny. They making light of these things that are very serious issues. Ya know? Thanks for the feedback!